The Temple Needed a Hand

There had been no crisis, no flood, no fire, but the trustees wanted to make sure there wouldn’t be one.

You know those powerful exhaust hoods that pull smoke, grease, and oil away from industrial kitchens? It had been months since theirs had been cleaned and the accumulated particulates were thick and dangerous.

The valet arrived in one hour, removed the filters and sent them back to their headquarters for cleaning with specialized tools.

By 5 P.M. that same day, the filters were returned (looking brand new). As a goodwill gesture, the contents pros gave the floor their “concierge” treatment as a free bonus.

Before they departed, they told the temple administrators that there wouldn’t be any emergency service charges for the rest of the year, if ever they were needed.

It was a small gesture, but fairly common for the contents team. They try to support the community whenever they can. Manning soup lines, building small ramps, cleaning church carpets, you may never hear about any of the things they do, but you might rest a little easier knowing that they are out there representing you.

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