Eliminating Smoke Odors from Soft Content Can Save You Thousands

Our constant readers have enjoyed reading truly sensational articles that we presented in the past about such successes as the multi-million dollar restoration of a university’s electronics, or saving the carriers thousands by restoring a single item that might otherwise have been “total-lossed,” and to some they may have appeared to be happy accidents – once in a lifetime opportunities where large sums of money were saved for the insurers due to extraordinary circumstances.

But the truth is that contents specialists save massive sums on virtually every assignment by restoring rather than replacing, even though you rarely hear about it because there is no place on an Xactimate report to show how much we save (only how much we charge).

In the coming months we will have some exciting surprises for you!

In point of fact, we recently ran across an article in which the contents team listed replacement costs vs. restoration costs for numerous soft contents items during a real contents assignment (shirts, dresses, coats, shoes, etc.) – common household items that really mount up.

All the soft contents items had been in a fire and had experienced smoke damage – altogether they were listed as total loss with a replacement value of $16,153. And all were cleaned (smoke odors removed) for $1,726. For a savings of $14,427 (a reduction of about 89% for the insurer). And keep in mind, this was an average household, not a department store or university.

If you would like to know how we can save you significant sums on your next contents project, give us a call. We’ll buy you a cup of coffee and will tell you more about how we can improve your company’s bottom line as well.

Contents teams don’t cost – they save.

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