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Exclusively Contents, Inc. is your number one relocation service provider. We provide personalized and customer-oriented relocation services for individuals, homeowners, businesses, their respective employees, and seniors.

Our skilled and experienced staff includes relocation experts, who are passionate about their service to clients, work directly with dedicated support staff, including logistics consultants, account managers, policy consultants, and other top professionals who work round the clock to meet your needs.

Every relocation task is undertaken as a special case; this is Exclusively Contents, Inc. way of ensuring that no stone is left unturned in the process of executing any relocation project. 

Inexpensive Relocation Solutions

We focus on hands-on and cost-effective solutions to deliver results that will leave our clients mesmerized. You don’t have to break the bank to enjoy top-rated relocation services. Exclusively Contents, Inc. will give you the best value for your money.

Choose Exclusively Contents, Inc. for Your Relocation Needs

At Exclusively Contents, Inc., we believe that trust is the foundation for every productive business relationship. That is why we not only work for you, but we take a step further to know you and win your trust. We welcome you to hire us to handle your relocation needs.

One thing we can guarantee is that we will pay attention to your needs. Our experience in the industry has taught us how to listen to clients and make their visions come alive.

We Give 100% to Relocation

Unlike most relocation companies, we give unwavering focus to the relocation services we offer. By investing ample amounts of time and effort, we devise and utilize relocation strategies that are stress-free and efficient. Our relocation services are not dependent on adjunct services, so we are able to give our undivided commitment to clients.

One factor that separates Exclusively Contents, Inc. from other relocation services is our ability to provide more personalized relocation solutions at reasonably discounted rates. We have formed productive and lasting business relationships with providers and suppliers all over the country, and this has equipped us with the freedom and flexibility to extend our relocation expertise across different locations. 


As a full-service mover, Exclusively Contents, Inc. will handle every aspect of your relocation. From packing your belongings to loading to driving to the new location and helping you unload, Exclusively Contents, Inc. ensures that everything is taken care of.  

Being certified relocation service providers, we afford clients the opportunity to have their belongings insured against unforeseen circumstances during transit.

Below are the benefits of hiring Exclusively Contents, Inc. to handle your relocation:   

Extensive Experience

Exclusively Contents, Inc. has the best and most experienced movers within its ranks. Our experience and skill give us the needed edge in handling all kinds of relocations. Loading and unloading trucks aren’t a problem for us, as we provide loading and unloading solutions for all types of trucks, trailers, and containers.

Streamlined Process

We have a unique process that helps us pack the entire contents of your home or office, disassemble heavy machinery, and safely load everything for transfer. Upon arrival at the new location, our professional movers will unload everything and reassemble every piece of equipment or machinery that was disassembled. Our goal is to devise and execute a highly streamlined relocation process to make your move hassle-free.

We Have the Right Equipment

Without the proper equipment, moving some of your belongings can be stressful, time-consuming, inconvenient, and even dangerous. Exclusively Contents, Inc. has the set of equipment needed to move any type of property with ease. We have vans and trucks that will keep your belongings safe throughout the relocation process.

Competitive Quotes

Other companies in the relocation business offer their services at expensive rates, and this is mostly the result of additional charges that are usually hidden. Apart from offering relocation services at budget-friendly rates, we do not charge any hidden fees. The costs of our relocation services are contingent upon the nature of any given task.

Secure Storage Facilities

We understand that relocating from one destination to another can sometimes come with complications or special needs. For example, you may need storage for your belongings for an extended period. If that happens to be your case, we will load your items and unload them into our safe and secure storage unit. We will hold your property until you ready to have them delivered to the final destination.

Unparalleled Customer Service

Exclusively Contents, Inc. has overseen several relocation projects; as a result, we have learned the best ways to do business with clients. Our experts are trained to always place the needs and satisfaction of a client above everything else. We make sure to answer your questions and ease your doubts in the friendliest manner.

Excellent Time Management

Moving your belongings to a new location can be time-consuming, especially if the processes involved are handled by amateurs. With our wealth of experience and skill in the relocation business, we will handle your relocation from start to finish in the most time-efficient manner. You won’t have to raise a finger or break a sweat!

There are so many more benefits that will enjoy if you hire Exclusively Contents, Inc. for your relocation. We can’t wait to hear from you and be of service to you. Happy relocating!


Exclusively Contents, Inc. has a process in place, and this process is made up of steps that are followed to guarantee a hitch-free relocation. Outlined below is a brief look into our relocation steps:

Step1: Assessment:

The first important step in any top-rated relocation company is fact-finding/checking. As one of the best relocation companies around, Exclusively Contents, Inc. starts by seeking to know the details of your relocation needs. Questions such as ‘Where are you relocating to and from?’, ‘Why do you want to move?’, ‘How soon would you like your relocation to get started and completed?’ and so on. This is how we create a platform and choose an ideal strategy for the whole relocation process.

Step 2: Scheduling:

Once you have made up your mind about hiring Exclusively Contents, Inc. to handle your relocation, we will work with you to fix a loading date.

Step 3: Documentation:

Another important step in any relocation process is making sure the correct documentation is prepared for insurance purposes and clearance at the new destination. As soon as your loading date is set, an Exclusively Contents, Inc. relocation expert will reach out to you with the needed documentation for a flawless relocation experience.

Step 4: We will take high-resolution photos:

In a bid to ensure that no item is misplaced, we will take high-resolution photographs of your belongings before we start packing.

Step 5: Provision of packing materials:

You don’t have to make repeated trips to the store to purchase packing boxes, paper, packing tape, bubble wrap, and anything needed for packing. Exclusively Contents, Inc. will provide everything needed to pack all your belongings, including furniture blankets and other shipping supplies.

Step 6: Furniture disassembly:

Exclusively Contents, Inc. will see to it that all your large and heavy furniture get to their final destination without a single scratch. We will disassemble your furniture and reassemble them when we get to your new location.

Step 7: Packing:

Packing is both time-consuming and difficult. Thankfully, Exclusively Contents, Inc. will relieve you of such worries. Our trained movers will pack up everything in your home or office, get your belongings neatly boxed up for an easy and safe transfer to the final destination. We will also pack valuable and fragile possessions such as glass, electronic gadgets, and artworks.

Step 8: Loading:

Exclusively Contents, Inc. will take care of all the heavy lifting. Once your belongings are packed and ready to be transported, we will proceed to load your belongings into our trucks.

Step 9: Transporting your belongings:

Whether you are moving across streets or across state lines, Exclusively Contents, Inc. will get your possessions to your final destination safely. We will provide you with details on when your belongings will arrive so you can make preparations for the reception.

Step 10: Delivery & Unloading:

Exclusively Contents, Inc. logistics experts will deliver your belongings to your new residence. Our relocation services cover tasks such as unpacking, unwrapping, putting your belongings in place, removing debris, and anything else needed to help you settle in. In the event that there’s no residence in place yet, we can make arrangements for storage for your belongings.

Step 11: Disposal of packing materials:

It is normal to be left with so many cardboard boxes and packing materials after moving, and this presents the problem of recycling. Exclusively Contents, Inc. understands that most people have to deal with this problem, and that is why we take care of disposal. We will ensure that every disposable item is disposed of in the recommended way. You won’t have to deal with the mess at all.

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