Own 100% Client Complaints

Own 100% to any client complaints and resolve with 24 hours. Never allow escalation.

Schedule Jobs

Schedule jobs both Packout and moveback without delay within client timeframe

Commit to Communicate

Commit to communicate to your team and to client within minutes not hours.

Accurate and Fair Billing

Provide accurate and fair billing at all times

Reduce burden on Contractor PM

Reduce burden on Contractor PM. By noting each concern and addressing them proactively

Single Point of Contact

Have a single point of contact for all job issues

Wood Item Repaired

Every wood item is repaired and restored before move back.

Protect Contractor

We will take all necessary steps to protect Contractor excellent history and record.

We Earn 100% on Every Job

We earn 100% on every job – 5 stars on both Packout and move back. With handwritten testimonials by the insured.

Chain of Custody

Our process ensures 100% chain of custody. We use barcode and cloud software.

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