Why Agents Adjusters and Tpas

David J. Dybdahl, CPCU,ARM, MBA is the president of ARMR. Network, LLC, a specialty insurance brokerage firm, and in a recent edition of cleaning and Remediation Magazine, titled, “Modern Marketing to Insurance Agencies,” he wrote in part, “What changed in insurance agent cleaning project referrals game? For years now, one of the largest insurance agent trade associations in the country has been teaching members to never refer a cleaning firm to their customers…” Then he went on to explain (to the contractor), “Insurance Agents Need Your Help.”

In Cleanfax Magazine, consultant Gregg Sargent added, “3 Ways to Build Better Agent and Adjuster Relationships,” and went on to explain, “Make a happy client, make a happy agent.”

And just how do the contents pros do that on every job? First, they make sure that the insured know that their agent is watching over them the entire time that the professionals are on the job (if you are wondering how, refer to earlier issues of Contents Solutions, or give us a call and we’ll be glad to share how we “go the extra mile” to help you get renewed policies.)

But even more than that, we really want to help agents get renewals because we know that it is the only way to get more referrals from those agents. And not too coincidentally, when an agent becomes aware of the fact that we are far more invested in helping him (her) than an “800 number” hundreds of miles away, we form bonds that can remain useful to us all for your (and our) entire career.

We have specialty skills and training that enable us to restore a client’s valuables – everything to a drenched computer, to a $4000 purse, to valued photographs, and even teddy bears and antique crystal.

Your policy holders end up with a restored home, not just a dried out, or smoke-free house.

Many, many adjusters have come to the conclusion that we save them huge sums of money on virtually every job and that makes their bottom line look very good to their bosses.

TPAs demand trained contents teams on almost all homeowner’s and small business cleaning assignments – no amateurs allowed! And on larger jobs that require quick response, we disperse our trained frontline workers to act as leaders for small groups of temporary helpers – that way even the untrained employees have an experienced team leader to keep things moving forward and to make sure the homeowners and office managers are ecstatic not only with the results, but with the day-to- day procedures.

Be sure to have a quick glance down every Contents Solutions we send you (perhaps over morning coffee). Because we make it a point to give you “insider secrets” in every issue that you can use with any contents team you hire. That way you can make sure the other teams are doing a good job when we are not available.


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