No Cross-Contamination Saves Enormous Sums

Mold, smoke particulates, viruses and much more, find ways to waft through a home or office after contamination is discovered.

All structural and contents restoration companies know how to construct barriers to keep smoke, mold, or other contaminants restricted to the rooms where the original incursion took place. It takes time, and is often considered to be a necessary part of many assignments.

But a modern technology allows the restoration teams to set up and inflate “air” walls that can seal off a single closet, a room or even entire floors of an office or home in minutes.

Some even have “doffing” rooms built in that inflate to create a changing area so hazmat suits or other PPE can be left inside for later cleaning and disposal.

When someone goes from a “dirty” room to a clean one without such barriers, often the teams find they have two rooms to remediate. With air walls many such incidents can be reduced or even eliminated. This saves time, money and effort that might otherwise have been wasted – and it reduces the carrier’s bottom line.

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