Our Most Important Assets Don’t Require Electricity

Restoration and Remediation Magazine recently offered an article with the title, “Top 2022 Restoration Tools and Advancements, According to 14 Experts.” And when these experts were asked questions like, “What is the most valuable asset on a restoration job?” Or, “What are the most important cleaning and disinfection tools?” they gave unexpected answers such as, “People are absolutely the most important tools.” And “… the most important tool cannot be purchased from your local supplier. It is the ability to think critically and adapt.”

Barb Jackson CR, one of the best known contents restoration instructors in the field, adds, “Our working motto is ‘Adapt, Create, Proceed.” We train our graduates to think, find solutions and move forward. Contents pros who ‘get stuck’ on a job cost a small fortune to the restoration team and the carriers. People are our most important assets. And people who are creative problem solvers, are among the most prized in the industry.”

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