Adapt Create Proceed

You have probably heard the slogan used by thousands of contents restoration professionals, “Adapt, Create, Proceed.” It was coined by certified IICRC instructor, Barb Jackson, CR.

The phrase reminds us that when contents pros are faced with an unexpected “roadblock” in the restoration process, the team is to adapt to the situation, create a solution, and proceed with the task at hand.

Sometimes it requires that the project supervisor make a creative decision — like the walk-in freezer in a resort that had lost power and now was the source of rancid odors so strong, the owners were prepared to declare it unrestorable.

Thousands of dollars were saved by placing a hydroxyl generator inside the unit and sealing it closed for many hours – returning it to pre-loss condition.

When you hire the services of the contents pros, you hire their experience and keenness of insight as well.

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