Generosity & Kindness are Just Good Business

We have been gathering stories from all over the world about the kindness and generosity of the contents pros. Like the team that hired a costumed “Batman” to give memorabilia to a boy who had lost his collection in a fire (the pros paid for it). O the contents specialists who climbed down into a collapsed cellar to retrieve what was left of a set o silver flatware for a woman who cared more abou it than the home she had just lost. Or, the steely- eyed, square-jawed contents manager who defied the structural workers who had discarded a little girl’s Teddy bear in a heap of detritus – she retrieved the toy, cleaned and sanitized it, then returned it to the broken-hearted child who felt that it had been “bear-napped” and tossed in the trash for no good reason.

We enjoyed the story of the kids who were terrified of the hazmat suit one pro wore when she was sent in to apply antimicrobials to a home tha was infected with COVID-19 – until she convinced them that she was a superhero who had come to help make their home safe, and bought pizza for them so they and their mom could have a “picnic” in their back yard while she completed her work.

We even found a story about a contractor whose contents workers pitched in to help restore an entire home after it was devastated by a hurricane (that one appeared on the “Dr. Phil Show”).

The contents pros save serious money on virtually every job by restoring instead of replacing. But often, they do much more than that. Sometimes they restore dignity, quality of life, and humanity to individuals and families that are awash in a sea of chaos and loss.

Integrity, ingenuity, compassion and generosity are the hallmarks of genuine contents specialists. It has been for many years. It will be tomorrow and that day after that.

We just thought you might like to know a little more about those with whom you work. The contents pros are not ordinary restorers. They care – and they prove it on every assignment.

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