Restoring Places of Worship

Over the years, our files have begun to bulge with stories about the extraordinary tactics and techniques the contents pros used to restore churches, synagogues, fellowship halls and cathedrals, seemingly all over the world.

You may recall our article about the Australian team that used lasers to gently vaporize soot that had adhered to priceless statuary.

In another, valued articles, which had been there for multiple generations of weddings, funerals, and community services, were restored using both intensive hand cleaning and space-age technology.

After the destruction of the Twin Towers in the U.S. (9/11), we wrote about the humble and respectful interaction of the contents pros with church officials when standing amid rubble, ash and damaged relics of value.

But it wasn’t just statuary, altars and pews that were restored, the pros also cleaned and returned office furniture, kitchen materials, children’s toys, and more. In one instance a church had a fundraising coming up in just 3 days, so everyone went into “hyper drive.” Some of the structural workers ended up suspended 30 feet in the air and the contents professionals worked around the clock.

On the day of the big event, they provided a slide show of the progress they had made each step of the way and were most gratified when the congregation rose as one to applaud and cheer their efforts.

Perhaps you remember the earlier article about the two contractors who moved mountains to get a small church open for Sunday services after a hurricane. They attended a church gathering and were shocked (and a little embarrassed) when the pastor praised them effusively from the pulpit.

In upcoming issues, we will tell you more about the contents pros large loss restorations – including ones with seating for 4000 members, million dollar organs, priceless stained glass, soot covered art works, heat-baked statuary, blackened walls and ceilings 45 feet up.

But remember, these buildings could just as easily have been offices, schools, apartments and houses.

The contents pros treat a family home or a small store with the same dedication, skill and expertise they would for a place of worship. When they are on the job, the job gets done.

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