One Icy Trip Saves Time and Money

Sometimes the savings the contents teams bring to the table are in terms of time.

Ask any adjuster and he/ she will tell you that time is one of the most costly factors in any scope.

For example, there was a high end home, on an island, in the middle of a vast lake. The home could only be accessed by a ferry, but the lake was frozen and the ferry couldn’t move for a solid month.

The contents team was all set though, and when the ice broke, they were on the next ferry out. The project manager worked closely with the adjuster, and pointed out that he had professionals who could restore textiles, documents and all manner of soft and hard contents.

Fire and smoke remediation in a large, remote facility might take weeks or months to complete, but the team had the right set of skills and training to make short work of this assignment.

They packed out everything on a single ferry, then cleaned, and restored the valuables in one trip – a monumentally significant savings for the insured and the insurance carrier.

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