Certificate of Completion Bring Success

You undoubtedly know about our company policy in which we ask the homeowner (or business owner) to sign off on each room as our job is completed there.

This of course is to preclude any possible future misunderstanding.

We review the agreed upon specifications of all that has been done in the room, and we invite the owner to sign the certificate of completion in order to show that we have concluded the necessary steps to restore that particular room and/or its contents to pre-loss condition.

Some casual observers have expressed surprise when we take time to explain the process to the owner before even beginning the first part of any job.

“Yes ma’am, as we complete each room, we will invite you to examine it carefully to make sure we have performed to your complete satisfaction. If we have done a stellar job, we’ll ask you to sign off on that particular room, then we will move on to the next one.”

The reason we explain such things at the beginning of the assignment, is that if we waited until the first time the owner’s signature was required, it migh cause him/her to hesitate or feel uneasy (“Why do you need my signature?”), as opposed to understanding that it is all part o our commitment to excellence.

We prefer to start off with ful transparency, with no surprises along the way.

She/he has the chance to feel empowered and part of each aspect of the project, which is just good business for everyone involved… including the adjuster.

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