When it Doesn’t Pay to Spray

Unless you follow the contents pros around on a job, there is no reason for you to notice that they rarely (if ever) spray their cleaning solutions on a television screen or kitchen counter. They normally spray such solutions on a microfiber cloth, then use the moistened cloth to clean or disinfect the surface in question. It keeps them from over spraying a given surface, uses less of the product, and releases fewer VOCs into the air.

And even rarer is the use of a spray “room freshener.” But if the homeowner or insurer requires it, they will use such sprays not at the end of the job, but before they are finished wiping down surfaces.

Why? Because the fragrance sprays often have an oil base and tend to coat everything in their path! The pros make sure they can still wipe away much of the spray before the job is considered complete.

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