Creating Satisfied Customers in Times of Crisis

In one of her Contents Success classes, industry spokesperson, Barb Jackson CR, once said, “… When our clients see that we treat their valuables with as much care as we would our own, they begin to feel less alone.” Often when a homeowner is the victim of a fire or flood, his (her) emotions are highly sensitive. He may feel as if he is under attack and is on the defensive. But from the moment the Contents Manager arrives, the owner knows that a true ally has entered the building. “Let’s talk about the things that really matter to you,” the contents pro says. Then, together they go room by room, taking pictures of all relevant items, making notes, discussing how the home and its contents will be restored. The Contents Manager paints a mental picture of a brighter future – one in which the owner will be back in control and his home will be as it was before the disaster. Adjusters can rarely afford to take the time to have such talks with the insured, but it is part of the contents team’s protocol to do so (which frees the adjuster to get the paperwork off his/her desk). Such procedures create satisfied customers. And they are all just part of the mission.
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