Fire Damage Professional Motto to Restore not Replace

Fire Damage Professional Motto to Restore not Replace Items in Fire Damage

In some cases, heat, soot, and smoke may not render valued items visibly damaged, even though such objects have been chemically altered, spoiled or permanently ruined.

This time a convenience store had a fire that started in a freezer and the ensuing conflagration involved the entire store.

In 7 minutes from the call, the contents supervisor was in contact with the owner.

One hour later, he gave the insured and the adjuster a completed estimate.

One hour after that, the team was on the job.

Four 17-yard dumpsters were filled with destroyed goods and a complete list of non-restorable items was given to the insurer and the insured.

The contents valet motto is “restore not replace,” but in some cases it is actually more economical to discard articles that have been rendered useless or dangerous.

Thawed frozen goods, medicines exposed to heat, contaminated cosmetics, etc., fall into that category, and you can always count on the contents pros to know and understand the difference.

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