Agents Discover Contents Valet

Contents restoration professionals are valet. Some companies have made them part of the company infrastructure, (and why not, a good contents team will blend in with any structural team, in any company – which is why we can loan our contents valet to other contractors who don’t have such a department).

We have a whole separate division devoted only to contents restoration excellence. So agents, who have customers asking for special service, call us to lend a hand with challenging cases.

When an insured says, “I have a collection of miniature art which must be kept at a specific temperature while you repair my home. Do you know anyone who can handle that?”

The agent says, “Yes I do.”

When a customer has a collection of hundreds of porcelain dolls that are scorched and coated with soot and ash so badly that the adjuster is prepared to “cash them out,” we understand. But our contents valet use both new and ancient techniques to return the art works to pre-loss condition and we are restoring over 80% of items previously thought to be unrestorable. Plus if the agent wishes, he (she) can present them to the owner in far less time than the front line workers used to require.

When polluted waters flow through a small restaurant, some restoration companies have to take up to three times longer to decontaminate the chairs, tables, pots, pans, cutlery, etc. but the contents valet have remarkable cleaning and disinfecting solutions available that enable them to move through the facility quickly, efficiently and within budget.

And it is very likely that the owner will renew his (her) policy, especially when he sees his competitors still struggling to get back to business long after his facility is already up and running. That is why, when agents hire the contents valet once, they keep them close for future assignments.

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