On Time and On Budget

The best way we know to create cheerleaders both among the insurers and the insured is to do a stellar job every time. To come in on time and on budget. And the way we do that is to first establish the parameters for the job. If we offer a pre-estimate (up front) and the adjuster rejects it, we have another right behind it that has a modified scope of work and is a better fit for a reduced budget. When it is accepted, we move forward, no excuses, no hesitation.

A job well done is our calling card. Consistent results are the way we earn your trust. Some companies prefer to finish a job, then work things out with the insurance representative. We have always felt that to establish what is to be done – then do it – is a much better arrangement.

If a “change order” pops up because of unforeseen circumstances, we bring it to the attention of the adjuster right away. Some companies wait until the end of the job to present supplements. We have often found that immediate transparency is the most expedient way to complete an assignment.

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