Contents Pros and Monkeypox

Contents Pros and Monkeypox

According to the World Health Organization, “There is past evidence from previous monkeypox outbreaks of someone catching monkeypox after touching contaminated objects. Objects, surfaces, and fabrics can become contaminated with the monkeypox virus if they are touched by someone with monkeypox.”

But most researchers have gone on record saying that such an eventuality is very remote (usually, it is transmitted by direct skin-to-skin contact).

Still, the contents pros (as always) are very well-equipped to deal with MPX (monkeypox) for a decontamination assignment. They have sanitizing solutions that clean and treat hard and porous surfaces (even bleach can de-activate MPX, but our Contents Specialists have far superior products at their disposal).

In one study, the rooms being used by two monkeypox patients were swabbed and found to show that toilet seats, chairs, towels, shirts, pillowcases, and even a mobile phone were infected.

This is why the contents pros wear the same PPE they would use for a sewage backup, Covid cleanup, or in any home or office suspected of having been contaminated.

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