Telling Stories to Adjusters

Many contents managers have developed a method for preparing an initial estimate during the first “walk-through” with the owner by their side.

Often they rely on the digital photo inventory taken during the walk-through and will develop an imagistic storyline based on the images, a homeowner’s comments, and thorough notes. But if the photos are of inferior quality, they cannot convey the story to the adjuster assigned to the case.

And even if the photos are of high resolution, when there are not enough of them or they don’t show enough angles, or they are mislabeled, they will inevitably slow the assignment down.

Worse still, if the photos are out of order, the “story” is ruined. If for example, damaged porcelain dolls are displayed in the images, then the next shows an area behind a refrigerator, even if the individual notes refer to that specific picture, the narrative makes little sense and the adjuster must recalibrate his (her) mental sequences.

A skilled contents project manager knows the value of the description and aligns the images with the written notes on every assignment.

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