Contents Pros Avoid “Cash Out”

About a dozen years ago, insurance adjuster Peter Crosa wrote an article for R&R magazine in which he said in part, “During nearly 37 years as an insurance claims adjuster, I have signed insurance company checks totaling hundreds of millions of dollars made payable to general contractors for the restoration of damaged property.”

And he added, “The property owner wants to collect all that is possible (and sometimes more) under the insurance terms… The adjuster’s role is to be a ‘regulator’ of sorts. Ideally, he wants to reach an agreement that is acceptable to both property owner and insurer.”

Which is why we think that both parties are glad to have a contents team on the job. Contents pros don’t cost, they save.

When an adjuster has to “cash out” thousands of dollars’ worth of damaged collectibles,, and the owner is horrified by the thought of losing the results from a lifetime of collecting, then the specialists restore the entire collection to pre-loss condition for pennies on the dollar, it is cause for celebration by all concerned parties.

Contents pros save huge sums on virtually every job… but there is no place in Xactimate to mention it.

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