Restored 69 Smoke-Damaged Apartments in Two Weeks

We recently read a case history in which the contents pros helped restore 69 apartments in a single building. There had been a fire from which smoke and ash found their way through trash chutes and into both common areas and individual residences.

Readers of previous Contents Solutions issues, may recall that protein fires and smoke are listed as being among the most difficult to remediate. Due to the “sticky” nature of the soot – they coat virtually everything they touch.

The team arrived on scene just 2 hours after the initial call and went to work cleaning walls, floors, ceilings — just about every exposed surface in the common areas.

Inside the apartments themselves, the pros found themselves cleaning surfaces three and even four times to get all the soot off and out from behind massive amounts of valued items and each apartment had to be treated as a separate job.

In spite of this, the pros finished everything within two weeks… in the early days of the COVID pandemic (4 days after a stay-at-home order was issued).

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