The Contents Pros Vast Arsenal of Solutions!

Everyone knows that the contents pros save insurance companies significant sums on virtually every job. But few are aware of the extraordinary things they accomplish “behind the scenes.”

One restoration conservator who worked with the Smithsonian Museum, solemnly informed the pros that wet film could not be restored in any way – until the restoration specialists introduced him to two firms that restored wet film to pre-loss condition as a matter of course (in fact you may recall our story about the team that restored thousands of X-rays after a hospital flood).

And the new antimicrobials that they have reseached and included in their repertoire is eons beyond the early disinfectants that used to be popular because of their cheap ingredients and high “kill rate,” but were very hard on the insureds and front line workers alike.

The new formulas are human friendly, active for up to 90 days (a remarkable improvement), and are harmless to almost all surfaces.

We have seen contents pros remove mold from valuable books with media blasters that can strip rust off of steel girders (without leaving so much as a scuff mark on the paper), and soot vaporized from statues with lasers.

Wet books have been restored to pre- loss condition (even when freeze-dryers were unavailable).

They have perfected the transport and storage of fine wines that otherwise might have been exposed to heat by uninformed workers, or reduced to half their worthby the careless scuffing of a label.

They have explored, gathered and used “baby safe” ingredients when cleaning and restoring sewage backup in people’s homes and opened the doors of small businesses, when every other shop on the streets remained closed due to flooding.

Smoke damage, water damage, mold and bacterial infestations (even bed bugs!), have been faced and defeated by the contents pros. And it isn’t their solutions or machines that make them so successful, it is their powers of innovation and creativity.

They are encouraged to “think outside the box.” Perhaps their motto says it all, “Adapt, Create, Proceed.” They use it on every job, until the assignment is complete.

Adjusters, insurance agents, bankers, hospital administrators, county officials, school superintendents, business owners and many others have praised the contents pros for their exemplary work.

When you need them, the pros are standing by to assist you – just give them a call, they won’t let you down.

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