Clever Contents Valet

Some time back an insurance broker wrote to us, telling how she really enjoyed our articles that contained, “Clever Tricks” from the contents valet. So we gathered up a couple of quickies that we think everyone will appreciate.

If you ever see a contents valet polishing wood furniture and noticed that it has a gleam that weekly cleaning staff rarely achieve, you might want to know that the secret is… they don’t use wood polish!

Most wood furniture today is coated with shellac or urethane, which are more like plastic than wood. So, the Valet don’t polish these wood accessories, they clean them (polish just puts a “smudgy” coating on these finishes).

Here is another one we liked. Once we saw a contents valet trying to pull out of a snow bank, but her tires couldn’t get traction, so she took the car mats off the floors and put them under the tires. They had grooves and little “studs” to hold them in place – in three minutes she was heading out.

Watch for more clever Contents Valet tips in upcoming issues of Contents Solutions.

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