Removing Mold, Soot, Graffiti – We do it all

The contents pros have numerous ways to remove graffiti, soot, paint and even the char from wood that has been in a fire.

Building restoration teams have removed rust from steel girders, grime from historical monuments and even layers of spray paint from cars and trucks.

Imagine a powerful air gun that blasts forth a spray of sand, soda, crushed walnut shells, plastic beads and many other slightly abrasive compounds including dry ice!

In the hands of the contents specialists we have seen such “media blasting” used to remove varnish from wood, soot from bricks and even mold from a book, with no discernable damage to the book cover at all.

An Australian company recently showed us a video of soot being removed from vintage statuary with lasers!

And there are many other methods available to the specialists – cleaning solutions, even liquid latex that adheres to the unwanted material and is peeled away taking the detritus with it.

Bleach, solvents, enzymatic cleaners, alkaline solutions, soot sponges and more have been employed to restore a home or office to pre-loss condition.

But the real secret lies in the training of the front line workers. Without it, any of these methods could result in irrecoverable disaster.

When you hire the contents specialists, you hire their expertise as well.

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