Trusted Partners

When contractors outside our company want to hire a contents team to help them with a difficult project, they choose us because our frontline workers are well trained, well equipped and highly efficient.

Our track record speaks volumes even before we arrive on the scene.

We focus on contents and nothing else. Our contents project manager is ready to connect with the insurance adjusters and agents, or will take a back seat, giving the project manager of the firm that engaged our services, the necessary reports to make his (her) job easier.

In fact it is quite common for contents professionals to arrive in unmarked vehicles and generic clothing when working for another company.

Our goal is to be perceived as a part of the company that hired us, not as competitors who might try to contend with structural teams for mitigation or construction parts of the job, or for future contracts.

We make those who hire us look good to the insureds and the insurers – that is our ultimate objective.

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