Compassion for the Insured

Compassion for the Injured

Recently, we read an article written by a contractor who had a kitchen fire in his home. A pan of oil ignited, and black smoke poured throughout his home.

The kitchen was burning, but he grabbed the pan by forcing his hand through the flames and grasping the molten handle.

Outside he discovered that his hand had “melted,” and in the ambulance, he thought about his panicked wife, the pain, the terror – then came to a deep understanding of what it was like to be one of his clients and what it was to bring “healing” to the insured.

As a result, he hired a woman to act as a “consumer advocate” on each job. She provides empathy, caring, listening, and a bonding experience every Contents the company would like to equal.

We believe that is a mighty fine idea, and we would like to think it is the hallmark of our team.

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