Contents Pros Save (on Virtually Every Job)

The contents pros save significant sums on virtually every assignment by restoring instead of replacing valued items.

If you have been with us for a while and have read some of our articles, you may recall that they have restored everything from a stuffed tiger to a $4000 purse, from fine china to cheap furniture – even from wet books to a high priced collection of Beanie Babies®.

They have cleaning and restoring techniques and tactics that range from applying re-coloring cream to faded, scuffed or damaged leather, up to working with a museum quality artisan to repair an antique writing desk or a recognized conservator to restore priceless art (the savings to the adjuster and carrier in such situations is astronomical).

If they are called in soon enough, many items that, at first glance, look as if they are a total loss, can be restored to pre-loss condition – which improves the carrier’s bottom line every time their services are engaged.

The contents restoration specialists have cleaned and recovered valuables and have deodorized or applied decontaminants in schools, hotels, retail stores, warehouses, apartment buildings, and many other types of homes and offices.

They have worked for county administrators, insurance adjusters and agents, theater owners, restaurant owners, military bases, churches and so many others that it would take an entire page just to list them.

Most insurance agencies agree that the restoration of a family’s or building manager’s belongings and assets, is not a profession for untrained workers. Even outstanding structural restoration personnel may do a splendid job in their field, but lack the training and experience for contents restoration.

Contents project managers sometimes spend years completing their specialized training (some continue their education for their entire career).

So if you have any doubts about the actual worth of a contents team, ask their manager to show you how much they saved on a couple of their past assignments – they more you see, the more you will want to know.

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