Getting the Job Done – Peacefully

You have probably already heard about the J. D. Power & Associates’ Home Claims Satisfaction Study, in which they stated, “Among home insurers that provide highly satisfying claims experiences, 71% of their claimants indicate that they ‘definitely will’ renew with their insurer and only 4% say that they have switched insurers since experiencing their homeowners claim. Similarly, 67% of these claimants say they ‘definitely will’ recommend their insurer to others.”

And perhaps you know about the world famous research firm, TARP Worldwide that released a report saying, “Just one dissatisfied customer will share that experience with between 11 and 20 other people. 50% of customers don’t complain—they simply take their business elsewhere. Customer problems decrease loyalty by 15% to 30%. Resolving a customer problem on the first contact results in 96% retention.” And that “It costs five times as much to acquire a new customer as it does to retain an existing one.”

Which explains why we train our Contents Managers to help resolve conflicts on every job. They can’t speak for you, but they can help bring peace between the insureds and the insurer. Often it is just a matter of wanting to help and willingness to listen.

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