Large Loss? Contents Pros say “Yes”

The contents pros knew this was going to be a big job – smoke and soot damage throughout a 60,000 square-foot manufacturing facility. Plus, another 9000 square-feet of offices to be cleaned and deodorized.

The team arrived while firefighters were still putting out the flames, and the restoration manager sat down with the large loss adjuster to discuss scope and strategies.

When the firefighters gave them the “go-ahead” the contents pros already had their assignments and went to work. The challenge was that there wasn’t just one priority – the offices needed to be restored to working condition, the production area needed to be made safe and smoke-odor free. So did the shipping area or they would risk cross-contamination which would ruin the manufacturer’s reputation.

Worse! The products themselves were thoroughly saturated with smoke-odors, so just cleaning the packing and shipping areas would not be acceptable.

The pros worked through the night and somewhere during the process, a 53 ft. semi-trailer pulled up and was placed at one of the loading docks.

You have probably seen the contents pros create little “rooms” out of lumber and plastic sheeting, then place smoke-contaminated items inside and flood them with hydroxyls or ozone. The pros knew that they could do the same thing with the gigantic trailer outside – just on a larger scale.

Several collections of the insured’s products were carried into the chamber on wheels, where they were processed, meticulously examined and shipped in pre-loss condition.

The offices were restored and made functional. The contents managers worked closely with the business owners and their management, as well as the adjuster to bring the entire manufacturing plant back to top-notch pre-loss condition.

Best of all, they had their clients up and running in just 48 hours after the fire was put out.

When you hire the contents pros, you hire the ninjas of the restoration industry.

Give us a call and we’ll tell you more about how we can improve your bottom line.

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