Contents Pros Save for Everybody

Of course, you already know that besides restoring homes, hospitals, malls small businesses, banks, museums, government buildings and many other contents-filled structures, the contents specialists also work for other restoration companies.

They dress in generic clothing and blend in with the other company’s employees to lend their expertise to the assignment.

But you may not know that the contents pros have also worked for real estate agents, military bases and have even staged estate sales.

Rather than hire, “Two fellows and a dumpster,” to “clear out” an estate, they have the content pros locate important documents, stock certificates, deeds, bank books, tax returns, etc.

They clean the house; they locate replacement items for silver sets or fine China collections that are missing a piece. They sort, keep records, restore fire or water damaged furniture and much more.

All the expertise they bring to a restoration assignment or “hoarding house,” is now applied to the estate so maximum profit may be derived by the owners.

And if there is a division of property or an estate sale, who better than the contents pros to expertly pack and ship specific items?

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