Crime Scene | Cleanup Valet

When there has been a shooting, the contents valet step aside for the highly trained crime scene cleanup valet. Such was the case in a small business where a gunman had shot himself and one other.

The valet arrived to find police, press and a whole lot of onlookers. Since discretion was a high priority, they stayed with their unassuming vans and waited until the crowd had dispersed. All questions were referred to a company spokesperson.

Then, they got to work. Using a special “biotic solvent,” they cleaned and sanitized all visible biological fluids. Then, they used ATP tests to ensure the building manager that all possible bloodborne pathogens had been removed.

They even had to remove a few parts of the flooring where fluids had leaked below the surface. Microorganisms can penetrate wood or ceramic tiles where even the best antimicrobials can’t reach.

The cleanup valet moved quickly, quietly and without fanfare – allowing the company to open its doors the very next day. All that was left was repair to some of the furniture, and that sounded like a job for the contents specialists.

Not every contents company performs crime scene contents cleaning and remediation, but we keep a special listing for them in our “Million Dollar Database,” for those jobs where experts are called for.

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