Contents Pros are Bacteria Hunters

Not long ago, the Daily Mail ran a story with a shocking headline that read, “Mobile phones are seven times dirtier than TOILET SEATS, finds new study (and those with leather cases are even filthier!)”

According to the report, the average compute keyboard, elevator button, doorknob, kitchen sponge and even the average carpet has far more bacteria than the average toilet seat.

But the contents specialists are no strangers to far greater bacterial threats than are found on high touch surfaces and have often been called upon fo their expertise.

In fact, they were baffled when various national and international agencies hesitated to let them market and use their antimicrobials when COVID-19 came along. After all, they had been dealing with fa deadlier and more virulent viruses and bacteria than COVID for decades.

Most contractors, who had dealt with a sewage back up or “black water” incursion, had remediated numerous viruses and millions of microorganisms in a single encounter.

The contents pros have applied antibacterial solutions in schools, small businesses, doctor’s and dentist’s offices, cruise ships, gyms and yes, even hospitals. Some are liquids that dry to an invisible coating and keep working for up to 90 days or more).

Others are gasses, or mists, or even high intensity lights that hunt down germs no matter where they hide. But always, a thorough cleaning takes place first, because believe it or not, disease and infection particulates can actually conceal themselves under the biomass (dirt).

If your home or place of business is in need of mold remediation, bacterial clean up, or deep cleaning for concerned potential customers, you may want to consider the contents pros. These specialists have the equipment, training and experience to get the job done quickly and remarkably well regardless of the microbes involved.

For the contents pros, it is all part of the job.

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