Priceless Tune-up

If you are one of our constant readers, you may recall the story about the fellow who was so rich that he bought an Irish pub, and an ornate ceiling he had seen in a movie, then had them pu in the entryway of his home But after a fire (and flood from firefighter’s hoses) the contents pros really had their work cut out for them – bu they succeeded in restoring i all.

In another case, a civic chamber, that was over 100 years old, had a ceiling tha was rapidly soaking up water from a leaking radiator above The contents pros were on site within 1 hour of receiving the call, but the ceiling was already severely damaged.

The structural team injected warm air to dry the ceiling without stressing the decorative molding, while the contents pros cleaned, sanitized and restored the antique chandeliers and all the soft furnishings for the main meeting salon.

Frankly, there are restoration professionals who could not have helped in either of these scenarios – but the contents pros and their associates surely did.

It is a question of training and experience – as it happens, they had both.

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