Fire and Ice Contents Pro’s Case Histories

Many of our readers may recall an article about the colorful “ice-ball” that was restored by the carpet cleaning division of a contents restoration firm. It turned out to be what experts said was $250,000 worth of antique rugs that had been rolled up and dragged out of a mansion by fire department workers, who left them in the sub-freezing temperatures of the front yard… restored for a fraction of replacement cost.

Some may recall the story about the $4000 Coco Channel® purse that had been soaked by water from fire hoses, frozen solid by a seasonal drop in temperature and left exposed to inclement weather for two weeks. The insurance carrier deemed it a “total loss” and it was cashed out.

The handbag’s owner was decidedly disappointed in the prognosis (the purse was a limited edition and highly prized) so the contents pros used their best efforts to restore it anyway. The purse was returned to the ecstatic insured in pre-loss condition, and a bill for just $79.99 was presented to the adjuster on the case (he was most pleased that the purse was taken off the “total loss” list). The carrier saved a significant sum on just that one item.

This time we would like to share with you some case histories that varied from fire to ice (and sometimes included both). And it wouldn’t surprise us that once you discover what the contents pros can do for you, you’ll invite them to work with you again and again. They are remarkable specialists that improve your bottom line on virtually every assignment.

Sometimes we restore valued items (which makes the insurance carrier delighted).

Sometimes we restore homes and lives. But within reason we always measure each assignment by our motto, “Contents pros don’t cost – they save.”

There isn’t a spot on modern estimating software for how much we save on each job – only how much we charge for our services, but in the final analysis we think you will discover that when we are working for you, your bottom line is far superior to anything you have experienced without us.

If you aren’t sure, just ask the contents project manager, “How much do you think you saved for us this time?”

Then prepare to be amazed.

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