Yes we can!

In some of the past few issues of Contents Solutions we have mentioned our “Million Dollar Database.” It has become the one of the contents pros’ best tools for getting the job done.

Often an adjuster is amazed when we say “Yes,” to an unusual query for specialty contents restoration.

“Can you restore a mounted moose head with one antler broken off?”

“Yes, we can.”

“How about a painting that got so hot in a fire that the paint started to bubble?”

“Yes, we can — and here is how we would go about it…”

“How about this vintage tube-style radio that got drenched by water from the fire-fighter’s hose?” “Let me make a call, I think I know just the specialist for that one.”

Some people think of those in our database as “subcontractors,” but we think of them as valued associates. We don’t just close our eyes and point at a telephone book’s page of ads, we vet them as thoroughly as you investigate us. We see their work, and often we meet people who have previously used them to restore their valuables.

Taxidermists, sculptors, master wood-workers, art conservators, clockmakers, electronics experts, antique restorers – sometimes we find such talent already working for us, but long ago we discovered that the only way we could say “Yes” to you for everything from fine wine preservation, to parchment and legal office classified documents, to vintage electronics, Tiffany lamps, old leather, dolls (with no faces), precious broken China, and much more, was to add those with such talents and skills to our register of specialists.

The contents pros have restored everything from contaminated money, to big screen TVs, and from great-grandma’s handmade quilt, to designer boots, sports memorabilia and furniture that smells like an incinerator, to mold on vintage dresses and beyond – but over the months and years we have gathered a team of extraordinary men and women to extend our abilities and permit us to say “Yes,” even after you have called a dozen others who had to say, “No.”

When you give us a call, we can often save you time, money and effort.

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