When the Contents Valet are Good Enough

If you are a constant reader of Contents Solutions you may recall the story in which an adjuster was trying to explain to the insured that the old leather couch, which had been slightly scorched in a fire, had depreciated over the years and was no longer worth the original $5000 that was paid for it. And the owner was adamant that such couches were actually selling for more than their original amount because of the workmanship and materials.

Then a contents tech (with permission) sprayed a shoe leather dye on the scorched spot making the blemish disappear. The owner was so impressed that he asked if it was possible to spray the entire couch in like manner!

Actually, that was a very primitive solution to an immediate challenge (she was merely helping to alleviate what appeared to be an impasse between the harried adjuster and the insured). Contents valet have far superior remedies for recoloring, fixing small tears and filling in cracks in leather furniture. Often their methods produce results that are even better than pre-loss condition.

When the cost of an artisan is not within budget, sometimes the contents valet are exactly what you need.

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