Restoring Dolls

You might be expecting us to talk about those fabulously expensive Barbie dolls that come with platinum and diamonds like the one that was created in Australia and sold at auction for over $300,000. But we allow the doll experts to handle those.

We are more interested in which dolls cannot be cleaned with water and those that will actually melt when some solvents touch the vintage substances with which they were made.

We have “doll clinics” in our directory of craftspeople, but it is rare that we are permitted to call upon them for their expertise (they are so good that some clients don’t recognize their restored treasures when they get them back – but these artists are often a little pricey for the average insurance policy).

We perform such restoration techniques as are required to remove smoke odors and mold. We also clean and dry the toys and collectors’ items — but the experts are more experienced with replacing and repairing broken pieces, missing parts, patchy paint and wigs.

Each such job often starts and ends with us, but we always have top professionals to back us up for specialty assignments.

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