4 Hours VS. 90 Days

The Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America recently published an article which reported that in hospital studies, even after meticulous cleaning, surfaces at various patients’ bedsides became re- contaminated within hours of disinfection. Hard surfaces such as the bed handrails and the call buttons were tested and found to have contamination in as little as […]

When Contents Pros Need a Restroom

When asked what she does about bathroom facilities on a contents job. Consultant Barb Jackson CR said, “We ask the homeowner for permission to use one of his (her) bathrooms. We clean it, then stock it with toilet paper, paper towels, liquid soap, etc.  “Each night, we clean it again so the family has a […]

Contents Pros Improve your Bottom Line

There is an article nestled in the archives of Property Casualty 360 (the magazine for insurance professionals), that says in part,“…if pack-outs are handled correctly, they can save insurers millions and allow the insured to keep a much higher proportion of their property… “ One winner of the RIA’s Golden Quill award adds, “Trained contents […]

Finishing Assignments in “ENEMY” Territory

If you think “crisis” stories like the ones above, are a little far-fetched, have a look at this web address: https://notalwaysright.com/control-yourself-and-your-kids/253835/ The article there, entitled “Control Yourself! And Your Kids!” is from a solar panel contractor (not contents specialists), but is indicative of the sort of clients that adjusters, agents, and contents pros sometimes encounter. […]

Dealing with Disasters and other Crises

Have you ever wondered why contents teams are so highly prized by adjusters, agents and even other contractors? We think there are multiple reasons,  but near the top of the list is that they have protocols for challenges and crises (even disasters within disasters).  Imagine that the team is packing out a water damage claim […]

Valuable things we can Save after Fire Damage

A fast-food restaurant had a fire, but this time, the contents pros moved so quickly that the thousands of dollars’ worth of frozen foods had not even begun to thaw. So, the specialists arranged to take the salvageable items to an alternative facility. A small fortune was saved for the insured and the carrier. The […]

Kitchen Cleaning after Water Leak Damage

There had been no crisis, no flood, no fire, but the trustees wanted to make sure there wouldn’t be one. You know those powerful exhaust hoods that pull smoke, grease, and oil away from industrial kitchens? It had been months since theirs had been cleaned and the accumulated particulates were thick and dangerous. The valet […]

Hoarding Cleanup Service

The contents manager was called in by the daughter of a kindly little old lady to perform a complete cleaning and restoration of a hoarding house. The little old lady said, “Okay, you can do it, but I get to decide what stays.” The manager picked up something at random and said, “How about this?” […]

Who Knew? WE DID!

Previously in this issue, we mentioned an article in R&R Magazine (which we highly recommend). In it Michael Pinto, a respected name in the field of restoration, explained, “… disposable microfiber cleaning cloths are so good at removing small particles that they are often used as the final step of the three-step mold cleaning process […]

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