Ultraviolet Light – More Than Meets the Eye

When you see the contents specialists shining ultraviolet light on a wall or carpet, they may not be killing viruses or germs there (although it has proven effective in killing viruses, including Covid-19). Ultraviolet light is also a splendid detection device that helps them find urine stains, oil spills, petroleum jelly, antifreeze, the fungus that […]

Compassion for the Injured

Recently, we read an article written by a contractor who had a kitchen fire in his home. A pan of oil ignited, and black smoke poured throughout his home. The kitchen was burning, but he grabbed the pan by forcing his hand through the flames and grasping the molten handle. Outside he discovered that his […]

Contents Pros and Monkeypox

According to the World Health Organization, “There is past evidence from previous monkeypox outbreaks of someone catching monkeypox after touching contaminated objects. Objects, surfaces, and fabrics can become contaminated with the monkeypox virus if they are touched by someone with monkeypox.” But most researchers have gone on record saying that such an eventuality is very […]

Working with the Insured

One contractor tells of a case history in which a “chimney sweep.” company vacuumed the soot and ash from a family’s fireplace and spread it throughout the house! The contents pros made a thorough examination of the home and started work immediately. Visible soot had manifested on walls that stretched 17 feet high, and invisible […]

Hunting Soot

Soot is sneaky! When breathed in, it can bypass the immune defense system and go straight to the lungs. Our Contents Pros have demonstrated numerous effective methods for removing it both from the air and from porous and non-porous surfaces – everything from HEPA-filtered air scrubbers to lasers that evaporate the carbon particles from ultra-fragile […]

Yes we can!

In some of the past few issues of Contents Solutions we have mentioned our “Million Dollar Database.” It has become the one of the contents pros’ best tools for getting the job done. Often an adjuster is amazed when we say “Yes,” to an unusual query for specialty contents restoration. “Can you restore a mounted […]

When you ask the Right Question

In an earlier edition of Contents Solutions, we told of an article that originally appeared in Property Casualty 360 (an insurance professionals’ magazine). Restoration author and consultant Tom Kirkpatrick told the story of a time he was visiting a client’s home. There had been a fire and a thoroughly untrained “clean-out” group was busily throwing […]

Frozen Baseball Card

Let’s pretend that you have a rare baseball card (one just sold for at auction for $2,800,000 – another for over $7,000,000). There was a fire and it is now wet from firefighter’s hoses. Is it a total loss? Or can it be dried out and restored? Well, if you tried drying it with a […]

Small Job Quick Turnaround

From time to time, we have written about the spectacular cases in which the contents pros have restored thousands of square feet of contents with extraordinary innovations. But for some clients, just getting the doors open on a small restaurant or a local bank only takes a day or two of determined effort. Take for […]

ART Quick Fix

In the contents world there are a handful of “super consultants” who will evaluate expensive contents items. In one instance a painting had been extensively damaged by steam which created a “fog” over the entire canvas. The owner wanted $30,000 for the total loss. An adjuster asked a super consultant to have a look. The […]

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