Contents Valet doesn’t cost they save

Many adjusters across North America are selecting restoration companies based on whether they can restore the insureds’ valued contents, not just the damaged structure of their home or office.

An agent, who wants a policy renewal from an important client, may recommend a restoration company solely based on the fact that the insured has an expensive wine collection, cherished sports memorabilia, fine china, porcelain figurines, or crystal.

Antique furniture isn’t likely to be cleaned and restored by structural workers (they just want it out of the way). But the contents pros are dedicated to bringing everything in a home or office back to pre-loss condition.

It’s their job. Just as the structural contractor is focused on restoring the walls, floors, ceilings and roofs of the building, the contents professionals are equally as focused on restoring clothing, big screen TVs, books, and more, that would be costly to cash out.

When a single Armani® suit that got wet from an ice dam backup, might cost a thousand dollars to replace, but is restored for less than $50, the adjusters know the contents pros are on the job.

And when a saturated designer purse – valued at over $4000 to replace – is restored for less than $80, an insurance agent knows that he (she) got the right team for this assignment!

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