Contents Valet for Hire

After a severe flood, it was all hands on deck for a large, water- logged home. Contents valet and structural workers worked side by side.

The homeowners had moved several items out onto the front lawn, the frontline workers got the rest. All non-salvageable items were logged and shown to the owners.

Artwork was carefully moved out of the home and part of the team used hard rakes to pull dead animals, detritus and debris out of a crawl space.

The structural team removed the hardwood floors which had cupped and were now without value. And their demolition exposed wet insulation. Once everything was exposed, extensive drying was employed and the contents team restored huge amounts of valued items – then antimicrobial disinfectant was applied to both contents and the structure.

There was a very real threat of mold growth, but they caught it just in time. This was one of those incidents where the contents crew and the structural workers cooperated flawlessly – each supporting the efforts of the other.

Both teams had their own agendas, but in the end, by supporting each other’s efforts, they saved enormous amounts of contents (and money) for the owners.

Our contents team is often hired by other restoration companies to assist in their assignments, because we have the reputation for being able to blend in with them and give the appearance of being one unified force – plus, we perform contents cleaning and restoration when often the companies that hire us don’t have such a division.

Our frontline workers arrive in generic clothing (no logos or company names anywhere). And if asked, we explain to the homeowner or adjuster in attendance that we are contents specialists that the company in charge brought in as associates for the special needs of the job.

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