Contents Valet – Get help from Robots

In a past issue of Contents Solutions, we told of “robots” that were being used in some hospitals to decontaminate rooms using ultraviolet light bursts. But they weren’t the first use of ultraviolet light for disinfection. It turns out that scientists discovered its virus and bacterial killing abilities over 100 years ago.

Some UV lights are relatively safe for use by humans, some can burn skin, damage eyes and place users in jeopardy.

Jet Blue is using UV robots to disinfect passenger airliners between flights. Called “Germhawks.” These machines glide down the plane’s aisles and destroy viruses and bacteria with no chemicals.

We anticipate hearing a lot more about ultraviolet light (we will report about it in upcoming issues of Contents Solutions). For now we are intrigued with researchers’ published works that point to “Far-UVC,” which is a type of ultraviolet light that can destroy viruses and bacteria in the air – but is harmless to humans. translational-medicine/uv-light-that-is-safe-for- humans-but-bad-for-bacteria-and-viruses/

But virtually every report that has been released insists that even with the incredible killing power of FDA-approved antimicrobials and futuristic machines with ultraviolet light – a thorough cleaning must be performed on all surfaces. COVID-19 can “hide” beneath dirt and in places the machines simply can’t reach.

The contents valet are still the first line of defense against most contaminants, from smoke and soot, to sewage backup and mold – robots and futuristic lights are just tools of the trade.

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