Contents Valet Protect Flooring

From the moment the contents restoration professionals arrive at a client’s front door, they are on the job. They restore the home or office – not contribute to its further damage. That’s why, in the middle of winter, you will see them lay down as many as 18 feet of special mats to help them remove ice, snow and salt from their shoes. First, they use “scraper” mats outside the door.

Then, in the foyer or entrance area, they will place a “wiper/scraper” mat of about 5 feet in length. And finally, you might see eight feet or more (depending on space available) of “wiper” mats used to remove any remaining moisture, salt, sand, and dirt from their shoes.

Some remove their shoes or boots and change into backup footwear, and still others are using a new spring loaded, “step in shoe cover” that “grabs” any boot or shoe and instantly covers it, acting like a protective glove.

The point is, contents pros restore carpets and wood floors – they don’t damage them. It’s just another indication of whether you have genuine, trained workers on the job.

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