Disinfecting Dilemma

In this topsy-turvy world where an infectious disease is ravaging a major part of the country, some well-meaning homeowners have been known to make mistakes in their house cleaning regimen.

You already know about things like not mixing bleach with ammonia (even though many insureds have thought that to be a good idea). The gas produced by such an error has proven lethal to pets, children and even adults.

But there are far less deadly challenges you might not know about. For example, do you know what happens when you spray Lysol® on a marble countertop? In seconds the marble loses its “shine,” and becomes dull – for some it even seems to change color.

This process is called “etching.” And, there is more: vinegar, ammonia, and bleach can cause the same effect. Other stone vanities, window sills, and fireplace mantels, made from travertine, limestone and onyx can suffer the same fate.

All the wax polishes you own won’t be able to restore the marble, but luckily the contents specialists can. They have a substance and a process that can recondition the damaged stone to pre-loss condition.

When you need us, give us a call, it is likely we will have more good news for all your contents restoration challenges.

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