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Hurricane Harvey: An Open Letter from RIA President Chuck Violand on Cleaning Industry Response

Article written by Chuck Violand


As the impact of Hurricane Harvey continues to devastate parts of Texas and the Gulf Coast. Many of our members will be tirelessly working to help those in need. This is not surprising, as this is what we’re all about; being there to help communities recover from a disaster is what drives our members, our industry, and our association.


It is with this motivation that I wish you care and safe travels. And I urge each of you to move forward with the mindset that the efforts. You put forth not only reflect your work as a company but the reputation of our entire industry. Upholding the industry’s highest standards should always be of utmost importance. And words like ethics, integrity, and compassion must be the foundation by which we represent ourselves. Trying times such as these are opportunities for our industry to shine.


RIA is here to provide you with the resources necessary to succeed as you move forward. The many reference articles and TechBulletins that can be found on our website are just a few of the resources available. Please contact the RIA office if there’s anything we can do to help.


For those of you who cannot lend assistance through the work that you do, I urge you to consider helping the efforts through donations. While RIA has not set up a formal fund to support the victims of Hurricane Harvey. We recommend instead that you donate to organizations that align best with you, based on your conscience and circumstances. There are many reputable charities and organizations you can support.


It is during times like these that I am most proud to represent you as the president of such an outstanding organization as RIA. I am confident that the efforts put forth by each of you will be representative of the integrity that makes our association great.


Cleaning Success: Hurricane Harvey – Our Industry’s Time to Shine

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