Old Tech that was Build to Last

There are startling new inventory methods available in modern contents restoration companies. And most of them have a foundation that is over a decade old. Because it was so good, most companies use it as a foundation for their new technologies.

It is as simple as taking a picture. Digital Photo Inventory has been around for some time and it is still a favorite among restoration valet. Some use it as a base for everything from bar code scans to advanced computer programs.

As an example, if a client were to call and ask where her vintage snow globe was, it would be silly to ask her, “What is the bar code number on the box?”

How should she know? But if she said, “It was on the bedroom dresser,” the contents manager could say, “Have a look at the photos marked ‘Bedroom Dresser.’ I see a snow globe on image 4. Is that it?”

If he gets a “yes,” he goes on. “Okay, I see that it is in box 117, I can have it at your home within the hour.”

The owner can see the photos, the adjuster and agent can access them anytime, and the contents manager remains confident in the process. We like tech that saves everyone time and money. And we like the simple basics that work every time as well.

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