Super Heroes Don’t always wear capes

So there was a contents company that was performing a “Deep Cleaning” for a suburban home in which a grandpa had contracted the COVID-19 virus and had gone to the hospital. But when the Contents Manager arrived, dressed in full hazmat PPE (including mask), the two little kids in the house took one look at her, shrieked and ran down a hallway.

As we understand it, the manager went back out into the front yard, called the mom on her cell and arranged for an internet “meeting” where they could all talk. She took off her mask and while the children watched on a computer screen, she gave a friendly wave and explained, “Hi, I am… um…Fog Woman, and your mom asked me to come and put some magic fog everywhere in your house. It makes things clean – it is a good fog.

“I have to put on my… uh… special mask so nobody knows who I am — like Batman, or Robin, or Spider Man. Would it be okay if I came in and sprayed my cleaning fog while you kids went out back and played with your mom? I’ll order pizza, so you can have a picnic.”

The kids thought it over, but we hear she had them at “pizza.”

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