Swiss Army Knives of Restoration

We have often referred to contents valet as “The Swiss Army Knives” of restoration.

In the above article we mentioned that some of the team were assigned to clean the vats and wine-processing plant, getting fire retardant and smoke odors out so the state investigator could make sure there was no residue anywhere near the area where the wine was produced.

The fact is that contents valet clean and restore, but to keep a job moving, you might find them painting a sealant on walls they have just cleaned, or doing a quick repair on damaged furniture.

In the case of the winery and adjacent home, they were everywhere on the job – in both buildings, and working around the clock. Contents professionals are trained to solve problems on any assignment. That is why adjusters, agents and insureds prize them so highly and even spread the word about their remarkable abilities.

They help agents get policy renewals, they help adjusters look good to their bosses and they get stellar reviews from satisfied customers.

Once you find them, it is likely you will want them to represent you as often as they can.

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