You have never seen anything quite like Exclusively Contents

Contents valet do the extraordinary on virtually every job, and building managers, corporate heads, hospital administrators, county supervisors and others know it.

If a building manager calls a restoration company owner and asks, “How do you remove mold that is growing on a wooden hutch?” and the owner says, “I’m not sure, but I’ll bet if we use a weak solution of bleach or maybe put it in an ozone chamber that should do it,” the perceptive manager will skip over that company and go to a contents restoration firm like ours for an answer born out of experience.

When an insurance agent calls and asks whether the contents team can restore a pearl necklace that is covered in soot and the contents manager says, “Sure, we just bought a new ultrasonics suite – a few minutes in one of the baths should clean it right up,” the savvy agent will call another company (ultrasonics machines have been known to pull the nacre off pearls in just minutes). If he wants a policy renewal, the agent will go hunting for a company that can give him an answer that won’t cost him a sale.

If a collection owner calls saying, “I just had a burst pipe that flooded two full stories. There are all kinds of exotic displays, including a mounted tiger and it is saturated. Does your team know anything about restoring wet, stuffed animals?”

We say, “Yes,” because we have our unmatched database of expert specialists. We consider them to be associates and we only choose the very best. We dispatch one of our people, who takes pictures, write descriptions and emails the results to one of the preeminent authorities available.

But it doesn’t end there. Contents valet are trained to think through various challenges. Of course they have the formal training from various credentialing agencies, but we add the extra element of “Adapt, Create and Proceed.” If a “roadblock” threatens to slow the process down, our contents manager employs “lateral thinking” to get things done. And our frontline workers are trained (largely through experience) to deal with challenges by looking for possible “pitfalls” before they occur.

Our workers are a team and if one of them can’t fulfill a project’s requirements, it is often common for one of the other team members to step in – seamlessly – to complete the assignment. This process saves time, money and effort.

If one of them sees an incidence of pre-loss damage that was overlooked through the initial walkthrough, he (she) will bring it to the contents manager’s attention who will communicate it to all interested parties as soon as they are available to hear it.

Trained contents crews save the owner and insurance companies massive sums on virtually every job by being able to say, “Yes” in even the most challenging situations – and by restoring instead of replacing the owner’s valuables.

Give us a call and we’ll tell you how we create outstanding results every time.

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