2500 Pallets, Mold and a Job Well Done

Restoration and Remediation Magazine’s 4th Annual Case Study Contest Winner was a story about a warehouse assignment. The building itself was 111,159 square feet and needed roof repair after a severe rain and wind storm. The contractor on the case said that the size of the warehouse was several times the size of a Super Walmart.

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Before the structural team could get to work, the contents pros had to figure out what to do with all the boxes and racks of stock. 2500 pallets of merchandise were non-salvageable and packed out – it took three semi-trucks running around the clock for two days just to get that part done.


There was no other choice and the client was more concerned with what could be saved. The structural team worked hard and fast because the stock was composed of Halloween costumes, makeup, accessories, etc. Mold spores would destroy any chance to sell the remaining merchandise.


Somewhere between 50 and 60 workers were on site. Almost a dozen negative air scrubbers were used and artificial lights were strung throughout. The restoration pros found huge pockets of mold that were removed or remediated without contaminating any of the remaining stock. All the racks and racks of materials were saved.


2500 lb. Pallets – Grainger Industrial Supply

The contest winner ended up charging about one tenth what another company had charged for a similar job 2500 pallets with the same insured.

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