3 Things that scare Adjusters More than Halloween

3 Things that scare Adjusters More than Halloween

Lack of Experienced Contents Professionals

Frequently temporary workers hired to do Contents Pack-Out. To an amateur, smelly water damaged clothes, rugs, and collections look like junk and they treat it as such. Homeowners are upset at the lack of care and respect for their personal properties.

Lack of coverage to cover contents accidents

Contractors moved items to a storage unit in the backyard. Storage unit baked in the hot sun for several days. Most of the contents damaged beyond recovery. The contractor sued but did not have sufficient content liability coverage.

Lack of Contents Tracking Process

The homeowner called frantically looking for critical medicine for their elderly parents. The contractor had to hire extra crews and turn their warehouse upside down to find the missing prescription pill bottle. Contractor lack storage and process.

Each of the three scenarios is far too common! Reputations are tarnished; Adjusters and Fire and Water Restoration contractors lose time, profits, and hurt the critical business relationships.

Contractors handling both Contents and Structure are likely to have 30% higher complaints. According to JD Powers, the 2013 Property Claims Satisfaction Study based on more than 5,500 responses from homeowners insurance customers who filed a property claim between May 2011 and January 2013.

Professional teams at Exclusively Contents have experience and follow content handling processes. We carefully photograph every item and log it digitally in our secure claim software.

We use content-specific processes designed to track each step and each item. Our cleaning facility has state of the art, ultrasonic machines. We have a deodorizing facility all designed to avoid horror scenarios like the above. We protect our reputation and save money.

The 3 Key Ingredients in Your Contents Partner, Essential To Your Cleaning Business Success 

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